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Our Company at a glance.

We are a young and trailblazing conglomerate of companies with strategic interest in the agriculture, construction, information technology (e-commerce), renewable energy, and the service sectors. Our organisation was established in 2011, in the United Kingdom, as Solarnetiqs UK Limited, with a key focus on the development of solar power plants and related technologies. After entering the Nigerian renewable energy market in 2014, we decided to diversify our portfolio and areas of expertise. Since then, our strategic focus has meant that we had to change our brand. Hence, the incorporation of Riccofortezza Nigeria Limited (RC 1333143) on May the 5th 2016. Our dedicated professionals at Riccofortezza puts quality, efficacy of delivery, and longevity at forefront of the services we offer to all prospective clients.


The Riccofortezza Group was founded on strong principles, to provide products and services to enhance human lives and empower the next generation of pioneers. Our vision is to become a pacesetter in four key growth sectors [Renewable Energy, Agriculture, Information Technology and Services], and to become one of the top 5 conglomerates in Africa and beyond.   


Riccofortezza Nigeria Limited was founded on strong principles that has seen us continue to evolve in strength, technical knowhow, and, notoriety in the renewable energy solution provisions and other areas of competency. It is our quest to spur improvements in the livelihoods, socio-economic welfare, and, wellbeing of the avearge Nigerian and their businesses. We are on a mission to solve various existential problems by creating awareness, and provide high quality products and services at affordable prices to the populace and the business community, so as, to eliminate their over-dependency on the utilization of expensive and polluting energy generation sources, poor dieting, poor product circulation and more. 


Our comprehensive business encompasses the fast growing sectors of the Nigerian and West African economies already mentioned above. The four key areas of our organization are as follows;

1. Renewable Energy:- Solar Energy Power Plant Development, Sales of LED Solar Street Lights, Solar Home and Commercial Power Generation Systems, Solar Lanterns & Reading Lamps, Solar AC, Solar-powered submersible water pumping systems, Investment Sourcing and Consultancy Services for renewable energy projects.

2. Agriculture:- Our aim is to process agro-products, livetsock farming, fish farming, exportation of finished agro-products, and planting of crops.

3. Information Technology and e-commerce:- Retailing, sales and distribution of innovative, smart and energy efficient solutions for calibre level of user.

4. Construction:- Design, engineering and construction of quality roads, buildings and overhead bridges.

4. Services:- Consultancy, contracting, transportation, marketing, retail and restaurants. 


July 2012 - Solarnetiqs UK Limited was established, and began supplying solar products in the Ubited Kingdom.

November 2015 - Solarnetiqs Nigeria Limited was established to cater for the Nigerian market. 

August 2015 - Solarnetiqs Nigeria Limited initiated a partnership with LUXRA Limited UK.

November 2015 - Solarnetiqs facilitated the entry of Luxra Limited UK into Nigeria for the joint development, construction, operation, and maintenance of utility-scale solar PV farms in Nigeria and the West African region. This company is now partly owned by the founder of Riccofortezza Nigeria Limited. 

November 2015 - Memorandum of understanding was signed by the joint owners of Luxra Nigeria Limited with the Delta State government for the development of 300MW solar farm. 

May 2015 - Riccofortezza Nigeria Limited was established with a diversified portfolio of expertise and interest in the renewable energy, agriculture, information technology and service sectors of the Nigerian and African economies. 

May 2016 - Riccofortezza Nigeria Limited began partnering with Asteven International Company Limited, and the German-based, REC Group, for the development of solar power projects in Nigeria. 

The founder of Riccofortezza Nigeria Limited, Dr Dickson Aleroh is highly proficient in the renewable energy industry, marketing, and energy project consultancy. Solarnergy Capital functions as a solar energy brand under Riccofortezza Nigeria Limited with a primary focus is on the development and construction of solar PV farms in Sub-Sahara Africa (Nigeria included). Our position in Nigeria to better harness the untapped solar potentials of the region. 

Our core areas of expertise involves, but, not limited to the procurement, distribution, and installation of high quality solar systems, the development of utility-scale solar PV farms in partnership with nominated foreign technical and investing partners, project management, consultancy for power licensing, sourcing of solar investments for solar PV farm developments, and operation & maintenance services.


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